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10:30-11:20Invited speaker: Stephen Muggleton: Developing Robust Synthetic Biology designs using a Microfluidic Robot Scientist (abstract)
11:20-11:40 Henning Christiansen and Ole Torp Lassen: Optimization and Evaluation of Probabilistic-Logic Sequence Models
11:40-12:00 Joel Bruno Santos da Costa, Juliana S Bernardes, Vítor Santos Costa and Gerson Zaverucha: Remote Homology Detection Through Discriminative Statistical Relational Learning
12:00-12:20 Paolo Frasconi, Manfred Jaeger, Andrea Passerini: Learning Type Extension Trees for Metal Bonding State Prediction
12:20-12:35Poster announcements
- Fabrice Colas, Stephanie M. van Rooden, Ingrid Meulenbelt, Jeanine. Houwing-Duistermaat, Andreas Bender and, Edward O. Cannon: An R Package for Subtype Discovery with Example on Chemoinformatics Data
-Angela Blanco, Manuel Mart´ın-Merino1, and Javier de las Rivas: Ensemble of Dissimilarity based Classifiers for Cancer Samples Classification
- Thanh-Phuong Nguyen, Kenji Satou, Tu-Bao Ho and Katsuhiko Takabayashi: Constructing Signal Transduction Networks Using Multiple Signaling Feature Data
14:00-14:50Invited speaker: Walter Luyten: Challenges in relational and probabilistic data mining: a peptidomics case study. (abstract)
14:50-15:20 Alessio Ceroni: Modelling the biosynthesis of glycan molecules from existing glycan structures towards the automation of glycan profiling -- problem statement
15:20-15:50Coffee break
15:50-16:10 S. Natarajan, I. Ong, D. Haight, D. Page and V. Santos Costa: Modeling Temporal Biomedical Data by SRL
16:10-16:40Leander Schietgat, Kritof Theys, Jan Ramon, Hendrik Blockeel and Annemie Vandamme: Distinguishing epidemiological dependent from treatment (resistance) dependent HIV mutations -- problem statement
16:40-17:10 Christophe Buyck: Imputing 'missing' and 'censored' values in multivariate projection methods, 'missing' links in pharmacological datamining? problem statement
17:00-Closing reception